Welcome to Our Community Broadcasting Network. I currently serve as the Vice Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.  As a former radio and public television journalist, I decided to use my experience to create this on-line broadcasting network to highlight and promote the organizations (businesses, non-profits,  local and state governments) that utilize the best practices of equity and inclusion being promoted by our D&I Council.  The programs showcase the multicultural communities that are contributing to our area's growth and prosperity. The featured organizations share the common mission of supporting the various needs of the community by promoting equity and inclusion in the workplace and the community-at-large. I encourage input from you, our viewers, about future topics, organizations that serve community needs, or suggestions on how to make these broadcasts the best they can be. For notifications of new program postings follow us on Twitter @DennisStretar and please share with your network. Thank you for your support!

Special thanks to the organizations listed below for their collaboration and support in developing the topics and offering their expertise for the Our Community broadcasts. Without them, this programming would not be possible. Click on the logos to visit their websites for more information about each organization.